So i recently bought a new guitar and it has a flat mounted floyd rose (Evh style ) at 25.5 scale but even after it has been intonated the frets after 13-22 are still out of tune... if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.
OK...first of all, what guitar and what Floyd. It sounds like you may be talking about a 1000 series which is not a flat mount bridge and needs to be mounted at something near 10 or 12 degrees tail down (requires a bit of carpentry). These things are really tough to set up under ideal situations and my initial thought is if you get the bridge in the proper position and then do a thorough setup you may make some progress.
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ok so my guitar is a charvel san dimas with a schaller style floyd rose.
Are you saying that the fretted notes and the harmonic are in tune with a tuner at the 12th fret, but they're off at the 13th fret? Also, is the action set especially high?
Yeah, I think you might be intonating wrong, tune the 12 fret to be the same as the 12th fret harmonic, both exactly in tune. Unless the frets or neck are absolutely ****ed, being in tune at the 12th fret but not the frets after it is impossible.