Just had a flash from the past. Dont know where it came from but I love these guys. The Verve. Just curious how many folks out there dig them, or used to dig them.

Listening back, you could beat me up all you want. They were phenomenal.

Lost in time listening to them. So good. Wasnt just bittersweet symphony either. Gravity Grave, Butterfly, so stoked to look them up again. Getting everything I can get my hands on. Had it all, lost it all. I want them back.

Let the beatings commence.......
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Well, guess that answers it. Guess not to many people know of them, or liked them. Doesnt change my opinion however. Fond memories of lots of their stuff.

Didnt know alot of people in my circles who did either. was just curious if anyone else out there was into 'em back in the day.
I always liked them, I used to cover The Drugs Don't Work with a band I was in a few years ago.
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Yeah, I do a Cover of The Drugs Dont Work too, They are pretty good
They're Amazing, early songs that are under the radar like history and on your own are epic as well as the entire urban hymns album