Hi, I'm Dan from the UK and I need some help

I've got 2 guitars which I got for free, but they are horribly out of tune. So just tune them up you might say? I've tried and failed on the first guitar and ended up snapping a string and taking it to the face! I want to have my second guitar tuned before I attempt to replace the strings on the first, tho I'm slightly concerned about the imprints the snapped string left in the guitar.

I know the note order thanks to the 'Even Average Dog's Get Bones Eventually' but my problem comes that I'm now very nervous when tuning the strings, especially when I don't know which way I should be going (tightening, or loosening) - some of my strings are worlds away on my guitar tuner than what they should really be!

I'll do a quick go on my guitar tuner now and give you a list of the notes I'm getting from my guitar and hopefully you guys can tell me if I need to tighten or loosen the string to get it in range.

Here are images of the guitar tuner for all 6 of my strings - 1 being the highest, 6 being the lowest

http://imageupper.com/s02/1/10/I13918608882184418_1.jpg - Should be E
http://imageupper.com/s02/1/10/I13918608882184418_2.jpg - Should be B
http://imageupper.com/s02/1/10/I13918608882184418_3.jpg - Should be G
http://imageupper.com/s02/1/10/I13918608882184418_4.jpg - Should be D
http://imageupper.com/s02/1/10/I13918608882184418_5.jpg - A bit out.. (A)
http://imageupper.com/s02/1/10/I13918608882184418_6.jpg - Should be E

Apologies for what must seem like an incredibly stupid question but since taking a string to the face I'm wary of turning the winders

PS. If anyone knows of a guitar tutor in Salford/Manchester, England then please let me know. Have tried contacting all the top results in google and some from gumtree but haven't got anywhere.
Youtube standard tuning. Play the string ur tuning. Dont just grab and twist or 'twoink'.... Broken string.