Hey all,

I posted yesterday about issues i'm having with my amp.

I've done some experimenting today and found the cause of the issue is the Wampler Paisley overdrive pedal. If i'm playing guitar without the pedal on and then I engage it, it seems to completely cut the amp out and no sound comes from the amp. Occasionally i get a crackling sound from the speakers and then within 20 seconds the sound comes back. Does it sound as though it's overdriving the preamp or causing to much out put?

The amp is a Dr Z Maz 38 NR and is set volume wise below 9 o clock on both volume and master for bedroom playing. The overdrive is definitely the culprit. It doesn't engage and disengage like a normal one. It just keeps cutting out my sound.

I'm wondering if either i'm doing something wrong, theres a fualt with the amp or a fault with the pedal.


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That is a true bypass pedal so when disengaged it is actually completely bypassed. ie no signal goes through the pedal's electronics. The pedal is knackered. I suppose you've tried a fresh battery or known good supply?
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^ yeah it sounds like a fault with the pedal rather than the amp. Which is probably a good thing because it's an awful lot handier to send back a pedal than an amp
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