I'm looking for a new pick for the bridge position on my esp ltd ra600 (rob Arnold sig) it only has a bridge pickup, it's maple neck through with alder wings being fret board, I need abit more body to the sound I'd say more lower mids, I use an evh 5150 50watt through v30 loaded 2x12, it just doesn't seem to have the low my mahogany guitars have.
I've been recommended the bare knuckle juggernaut but want to know what you guys think, I've also looked at the dimarzio dominion
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The Juggernaut should be fine. If you want other options to consider, try the RailHammer Anvil or the Lace Alumitone Deathbucker:


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The Dominion is more suited for mahogany guitars; I'd say look at something like the Super Distortion or Tone Zone from dimarzio.
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I'll also throw in a plug for Motor City pickups too. Not sure on what particular models would be best suited for maple and alder, but they make some very nice stuff.
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