Both my tabs for "Devendra Banhart - Saved" were horribly wrong.

I pressed the little "u" to update the second version which was the most correct one. I then submitted it, yet now i don't see any confirmation anywhere that this tab is being corrected or up for review.

I'd just like to know if i've done something wrong and i'd like to have the first incorrect version of this tab deleted.

Any help ?

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No, you did nothing wrong at all... It will take a few days for the tab to be updated ... And since it is the weekend it probably will not be updated until Tuesday at the earliest... Also, you do not get any emails confirming that it will be updated... It just will appear updated one day...

So again, you did everything correct...it just takes time to update the tab... Once you submitted the tab and it was accepted you can go back as many times as you want to and update a tab...

As far as the first one being deleted they usually do not delete a tab once it has been accepted.... But if I were you I would go into the first tab that you wanted deleted and just remove evrything that is there and post instead that

" this tab has been removed by the person making the tab as there is a better version of it that was done by me at a later date" and just have that in the body of the work and nothing else and see what happens... If they do not allow that then just leave what is there and in ALL CAPS put what I have in quotes at the very beginning of the tab so people will know where Togo for your 2nd and better tab of the song with the link to it as well...

Hope this all works out for you... Let me know what happens with the one you wanted to be deleted if you do what I said to do...

Like I stated once a tab has been accepted it stays there forever...

Oh, just thought of this as well, ....

Another thing you can also do is update that tab as well... That way both will be exactly the same...
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Thanks alot buddy.

I was a bit scared my hard work had gone to waste


Good advice on the tab removal too. I'm gonna do just that.

Have a nice weekend and thanks again.