If it's anything like my Jamman original it comes shipped with 10 loops that include drums. This has nothing to do with the rhythm sounds. In fact, the rhythm sounds are really nothing like drums. If you are recording to the included loops then you can't even set the loop length because the loop length is already set once a loop is created. I suggest you try going past the first 10 loop presets and see if the problem occurs on loop preset 11.
Does it sound like actual drums or just some crappy click? Can you create a loop of the length you want, or is the loop length already set? Try to delete the loop at the preset and see if it goes away.
its very low, but it is the actual drums. I can create a loop whatever length i want. And Ive deleted and rerecorded it..

The volume for the RYHTHYM is at ZERO meaning there should be NO drum or click..but there is.....
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Try changing the rhythm type and see if it changes in the loop. I thought the built in rhythms are just simple percussion types that really don't sound much like drums.
You gotta read the manual. Page 29.

The JamMan® Solo has 9 Rhythm guide
tracks you can select from. These range
from a simple click metronome to high
quality drum samples as the rhythm guide.
To change the Rhythm Type, follow these
1. Select a memory location using the
Loop Select buttons.
2. If the memory location is empty
(LOOP and SINGLE LEDs are off),
set a tempo. If the memory location
contains a loop (LOOP or SINGLE
LED is on), press the Pedal
Switch to start playback.
3. Turn up the Rhythm Level knob
to hear the guide track.
4. Press the Tempo and Store
buttons simultaneously to enter the
Setup menu.
5. Press the Tempo (NEXT) button
until the Rhythm LED begins
flashing.The DISPLAY will now show
r1 indicating the default Rhythm Type
which is a standard metronome. Turn
up the Rhythm Level if you don’t hear
the metronome.
6. Use the Loop Select buttons to
choose your desired rhythm sound
(designated by oF [off], and r1 – r9
in the Display). Selecting oF turns
the rhythm sound off even if the
Rhythm Level is up.
7. Press the TEMPO (NEXT) button
twice (or tap the PEDAL SWITCH)
to exit the Setup menu.
The volume knob is for the mix. The rhythm selection is for selecting the rhythm type. Apparently the volume doesn't go all the way to zero.