I was changing strings on my guitar and when I tried to unlock the saddle and pull the old string out, head of the screw broke and the rest of the screw is stuck inside the saddle. Here is the pic:


Is there someone who knows how to get it out?
If you happen to have a dremel or a drill with a tiny little circular cutting bit, you can cut a slot in the top face of the screw and then remove the screw with a flatheaded screwdriver.
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^ Thanks for the advice, I was planning to try something similar.

Anyone else has an idea?
I think the other idea to dremel a new grove sounds good. You may have a difficult time getting in there where the remaining screw is and if the metal was soft enough to break, it might be difficult to get enough to get a screwdriver tip in. I take it that you can't get access to the other end of the screw? If you get desperate, you could take a very small saw blade and cut sideways through both the black saddle piece and the screw remnants. It would mess up the piece, but if you're ready to throw it out, you can probably rescue the functionality because the saw blade would make a very positive rectangular groove in the screw. You might want to put some penetrating oil in and let set if it was really sticking before. A tiny jewelers screw driver could grab the indent.

They make tools where you drill a small hole and then use a reverse threaded tool to screw into the hole, and continue to twist and it will put the screw out. But this seems way to small for such a technique.

Lastly if you just drill out the screw, trying to keep it in the middle (a drill press would help), then you might be able to turn the fragile remnants out. With the center core gone, it will put less resistance against the edge. If your bit hits the edges it will remove some of the thread, but that's just a risk you'd take.