I've been "playing" for a couple of months and have a lesson set up for next week and the person setting up the lesson (not the teacher) asked what did I want to do with the guitar? If there was any particular style? I answered "I want to have fun?"

I have no how to answer that question. I am not even sure what meant?

Any help?

He meant what do you want to do.

Shred? Metal? Blues?

What kind of style or playing do you want to emulate?

The shredding of steve vai, riffing of randy rhodes, or the open chug palm muting of every second-rate metalcore band ever.

There's a lot of different ways to play guitar though, and let me tell you. Learning to play is one thing, learning to be a musician is another.
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I think when you are very first starting out, wanting to have fun is as good a reason as any. In fact it's probably the best.

If you stop having fun, you're likely to quit, so you should try and make any other goals you have fit around what you enjoy.

Having said that is always a good idea to know what you want to achieve. Maybe you would like to form a band, and write your own music?

Maybe you want to become a virtuoso soloist? Or maybe you want to busk your way around Europe? Or just play along to your favourite records in your bedroom.

And what are your favourite records? What sort of music do you listen to? Is that the sort of music you want to play on the guitar?

These are all relevant questions to ask yourself, and knowing the answers will be important if you are having lessons, as you say you will be.

If you hate Jazz, but your guitar teacher teaches you nothing but jazz, you wont stick at it for long. You need to have some idea of what you want to learn, so that your teacher can guide you in the directions that will keep you interested and motivated to learn and practice.

Hope that helps.
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If a teacher asks that to a beginner he's likely meaning what kind of music you want to learn to play etc and what you want to get out of the lessons. You surely must have some particular genre you're most fascinated by as a beginner. I for one was obsessed with technical metalcore sort of stuff when i first started. Having fun was a good answer though
I started in 1998 with Acoustic Guitar... My teacher asked me what I'd like to play... And I said "Anything"... Some years passed, I changed my teacher, the same question, the same reply...

Last week I started lessons again, with a new teacher... same reply...

But here is the thing: I REALLY like every kind of music, since I can enjoy it. I like from classic hard rock to heavy metal... I like Jazz and Blues... I like Pop and I like Disco...

One day I wanna play like Nile Rodgers, another one like Dan Donegan, another one like Mark Knopfler...

You know what happened? I learned a lot of theory. I learned scales, I can improvise a bit... But I have absolutely no repertoire. Nope... nothing... at all...

It gets a little frustrating, sometimes. So, I decided to take a route of a style. And I think it won't hurt to play something different at times.

So, now, I take a "Goal song". So I practice what I need to practice... and I must practice this "Goal Song", even if only a bit. Sometimes I want to get a riff or a lick of some other song. No problem. But the Goal Song needs to be practiced.

The cool thing is that if there is something I'm finding it above my skill level, I stick at it... the next day it is better, and I'm happy because I'm improving.

Now, my goal for playing guitar? Fun, communication, and I really want to be able to play to my future child(ren), when I'm older...

My goal is to enjoy playing guitar. I've been successful at that for about 18 years now. Because of that attitude, I've never been stressed or worried about my playing. Could I have become a better player faster? Sure. But it might not have been as fun.

As far as realistic goals though, I get asked all the time if I'm in a band. I need to start recording some of my stuff -- I've got more than enough for an epic album in my head. So I guess what I'm saying is that my goal is to put out an album and see if anybody likes it.
As people have been saying, enjoying it or wanting to have fun are as good answers as any, even when you're more advanced. I always work on the basis that as long as I'm still enjoying it, I must be doing something right- sure, as KailM suggested, I might have got better more quickly had I had more of a logical plan to it, but I also might not have enjoyed it as much (which, in a worst case scenario, could lead to quitting).

I suspect, though, as vayne92 said, he just wanted to know what type(s) of music you wanted to play and what you wanted to get out of the lessons.
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Personal enjoyment and love for music. I have no interest in joining a band or playing in front of a crowd, (I'm hermit anyway, crowds make me nervous) I play only for myself. Music has been important part of my life, I always listen to it.

Now that I play it myself is kind of taking this love to new level. Its cathartic experience, just picking your guitar and playing (badly) your favourite metallica riffs or whatever I feel like at the moment.

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Quote by YellowCat

But here is the thing: I REALLY like every kind of music, since I can enjoy it. I like from classic hard rock to heavy metal... I like Jazz and Blues... I like Pop and I like Disco...

One day I wanna play like Nile Rodgers, another one like Dan Donegan, another one like Mark Knopfler...

This is similar to me. I like a lot of different types of music. I like things such as 80's metal and rock, to indie, pop punk, ska punk, funk rock, funk, blues etc... A lot of the time I hear or see a guitarist of a certain genre and think "damn, that looks and sounds super fun and cool! I want some of that in my playing!" and I'll suddenly stop what I'm practicing and try to learn stuff in the style of that particular guitarist

I still don't have an idea of what type of player I want to be, but I'm having fun 'trying out' different genres. I'm in no rush anyway, I play guitar for my own enjoyment, and the satisfaction and self fulfilment I get when I see myself improving is awesome.

Enough about myself though, your teacher was probably asking what type of music you wish to play, who you want to emulate etc... I think it's a hard question for those who have only started out. I think you will have a better idea after a year or so. Playing guitar has introduced so many new genres, bands and guitarists to me, I'm sure it will be the same for you.
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