I'm assuming you're new to bass. The notes are quite generic, but if played properly with a much more solid rhythm and tempo, they could be a good backing to a solid rock song. I'm sure this would sound much smoother played with a pick or plucked more than slapped.

C4C if you have a little time?
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You might want to re record this with a click.

click? i recorded this with an iphone
I like the fact thats its downtuned which is refreshing to see in a bassist...however, you really should play with a pick or rerecord with a metronome so your on time. This is a problem with a lot of bassists, one of my best friends has this problem of off-timedness which can be a little frustrating. I prefer using a pick when I play a bass since I'm much better at picking than finger picking and i prefer the sound, I recommend you do the same in case its any easier for you. Bass is the foundation of any band, which means messing up a simple rhythm is inexcusable. I'm a hard ass when it comes to bassists for a reason, and I feel like you might be new to bass so I'm just going to tell you to keep practicing.