I recently ordered this trem and finished installing it on my '94-95 MIM Stratocaster today. I've raised the action as high as it goes, but whenever I bend any of the strings besides the low and high e's they touch the 21st fret and the note is muted. How do I fix this?
You could try floating the bridge by loosening the trem screws.

Also make sure there are no high frets and your neck bolts are tight. You could have a hump at the neck joint aswell.

Make sure the neck angle is proper. You can look down the neck and check the clearance between the e strings and their respective side of the neck. The bridge could also be slightly out of alignment with the neck.

Also Fender narrowed their string spacing on the later models, so if this bridge is made for those guitars issues like this will arise.
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Alright, I found the answer... It turns out the screws under the saddles were abnormally short, so I could not raise the action high enough. To fix this, I replaced them with the screws from my old trem. But thanks for the help anyway!