Hey guys, just posted this to get some feedback on my playing / writing.

Keep in mind this is a rough copy so if you listen for them, you're gonna hear some mistakes / incongruences. If anyone has tips for drum writing and overall mixing I'd appreciate that too!

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Hey, dude! You're a pretty solid guitarist. The track as a whole lacks that high cut that would bring out the guitars (and especially those leads). I'd love to hear some more cymbal-use (more than just one or two cymbals) throughout the piece. Great playing, but some of the rhythm guitar parts were a tad out of sync with the drums. I left a few comments with a bit of criticism/feedback on your SC page.

C4C? I have some metal tunes on my page if you'd like to check those out too.
Thanks man I really appreciate it! I agree I need to get a better high-end but I can't really figure out how to make that cut through the mix more. I guess I need to look into reshaping my tone. I'm checking out your stuff right now!
Oh wow. You don't **** around do you? Hah.

Instantly starts with this crazy scale phrase. Then breaks down into a great fuzzy/ Sabbath esque vibe. Needs a bass though. Oh man it rlly needs a bass. Especially during that nice start and stop sequence before the solo, which sounds epic. Very smooth playing there. I almost wish it returned to that fuzzy part because I happen to love repeating riffs especially when their fuzzy :P Your soloing is pretty damn sweet, nice job on this piece man.

C4C please?
Very clean and nice sounding leads in the beginning. Didn't hear many mistakes so i didn't think it was so rough. The drums do get repetitive but i'm guessing you just wanted a basic backing track to go with the guitar. The part after the breakdown felt too detached. Maybe you should add a little section in between that reflects on the outro? Overall you have nice riffs here and i can tell you know how to make a metal song sound heavy. Good job.

C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1633150
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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the crit. I agree that your track could improve if there were more cymbals used. I really dig the riffing beginning @ 0:29 mark, you've got a nice idea there, at least to my taste. Did you have any vocals in mind for this one? The guitar tones are a bit 'muffled', for the lack of a better term, and the riffing could be a bit tighter but then again, it's just a rough sketch so it's not that important. Rock on!
Thanks for the crit man! I am currently remixing all the drums to vary it up. I initially started with a basic track so I could get the guitar recordings down, which still could use improvement. I'd love to put vocals on the track but I certainly am not capable, if anyone can do vocals we should talk