Just wondering peoples thoughts on scales what was the first scales you learned and why? Did you regret not learning another scale instead or Do you feel you have even benefited from the scale or all the scales you learned ?

The music i like most is soft and hard rock some metal i know my major natural scales and pentatonic scales I started out with pent not sure why maybe cuz i was told it was a good starting point , then the major natural scales although i know the major scales box shapes over the fret board i have yet to use this scale to its full .
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I started with major and minor then the major modes then the harmonic minor modes
I don't know the pentertonic modes I think too many people use them thus it sounds to generic
The natural minor, although I didn't know it was called that. It was just the notes I liked the sound of most.
I started with the C major scale. The the mixolydian and Aeolian.
Then the minor pentatonic. Then the major pentatonic.
Then the harmonic minor. Then the Gypsy scale, also known as the dominate Phrygian.
I also learn some of the wall auxiliary scale.
I also did some work on the whole tone scale.

Im actually working on the various blues scale. learning how to use it more.
My life would had be so much easier if I learned the blues scale earlier.
I played them learning Zeppelin , but didn't really understood it.
I play blackdog different now simply because of the tone.
I also play hair of the dog the easy way..not like its shown on tabs
I have more control of the notes and the tones.

I was learning moby dick yesterday. Holy wow, he actually drop tune the E string.
I was also learning Ten words by satrian again. It's bluesy but if I actually
play it using triads instead of box shape, I get more control over that phrasing.
It's actually eaiser to play that way.
- Minor penatonic
- Blues scale
- Major pentatonic
- Minor
- Major

Just rememeber that there are no boring scales, just boring players.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.