Yo! I've been making subtle progress, I feel... Got 2 books on theory so I can take it seriously. Jamming more, started to learn some songs I put back for a while... Taking it slow. Metronoming more etc, etc...

I wanna get faster, CLEANER god yes, CLEANER. I want my recordings to sound PURE. I want better technique; VIBRATO, LEGATO.

What can I do to ensure I have a successful session EVERYTIME? How should I track progress? I plan on uploading a video for you guys to critique me on and shit, I wanna know how good/bad I am at 2 years.

Anyways, answers are much appreciated!
With Technology today you should be able to achieve cleaner tones.
You don't have to run grips of wires anymore.

I run everything through my PC today. I don't even use my GT-8 anymore.
It takes too long to program and you cant visually see it on a screen.
The GT-8 got rid of all those unwanted cable noise or amps head humming....

Use contact cleaner on the knobs. Makesure you have kickass cables.

I get clean tones or notes even if there're distortions tones.
I simply put a noise gate as the first FX in the chain. It'll cut out a lot of
un wanted hizz. Just don't set it were it'll cut off your notes.

I also run cabinets emulators to get whatever sounds I want.

Don't you listen to the pros? They're running FX when they play.
Generally it's going to be some type of delay. It'll add sustain to your notes.
Just don't turn it on too high. This way you can play soft. Do legato...ect

Havnt you notice sometimes Satrian or Via will reach over the top when
doing hammer on or pull off?...They're just muting the strings.
If you're picking while doing legato...bar the strings next to the string you're playing to
mute the strings. It'll be cleaner.

Depending on the amp head, it'll make a weeping or vibrato tone or you can
add a vibrato FX...just don't turn it on too high....

Learn how to adjust your Amps, FX...ect Don't crank all the knobs on high.

Sometimes you'll have to switch to the front pick up to do sweep to get a different
warmer tone.

To track my progress I usually listen to myself on play back.
I usually step away for an hour so. Then listen to what I play.
Sometimes Im not bending the notes high enough or Im a milli second off beat.
Listen to the drums. You can hit clean notes all day but if you're off beat, it's still
going to some like crap...
Just make corrections as you go. Practice doing questions and answers phrasing.
Your solo, melodies, progressions will have meanings.

If you want to record. That's like another art form of it's own.
You learn as you go. It's no longer just the guitar. All the instruments tones
are going overlap each other. Clean guitar tones with saturated everything else isn't
going to work either.
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Sounds like your on the right track...now just keep at it for another 5 years or so
Record yourself and listen back, be hyper-critical but focus on improving the things you don't like. Make your practice sessions focused on whatever element you are trying to improve. Most Importantly HAVE FUN!