Should I buy a Hagstrom Viking at £250 or try my hardest to wait it out and get a Fender Telecaster for quite a lot more?

I play The Who, Rolling stones, and plenty of other classic English rock and Mod music.

Getting the Hagstrom Viking would give more money for an amp and pedals, but I've had my eye on Fenders for a while.

Anymore information needed will be edited in to the top post.

Stones screams Tele...

I'd hold out for the Fender....

As always... JMHO
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I suppose I could. I'm not sure if I should get something with humbuckers though, as I keep seeing rolling stones and The who using similar Gibson type semi hollows in their earlier stuff (the stuff I'll be covering).
The two guitars are quite disparate - the Viking is a Gibson 335 style semi acoustic (250 is a cracking price, I assume 2nd hand?).

Its a good guitar, but maybe try a few in a store. A semi acoustic with humbuckers sounds a fair bit different from a tele with single coils. They will also 'feel' very different in terms of playing as well as weight/balance etc.

I have a Hagstrom Swede btw, nicely made guitars. But you are comparing apples and oranges.

What do you have just now?
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