I've recently been given a Peavey Classic 30. It's not new, and there's no footswitch with it. The function of the footswitch (as I'd expect most are) is to switch channels and enable the volume boost. Is it worth buying a footswitch for these capabilities? In a bedroom playing situation they obviously aren't particularly useful, but in the future for gigging purposes it seems like a good idea.
A second question is what is a good method of removing surface rust from the metal surfaces? I've been told using wd-40 and a steel brush works but I've never done it myself and I'm unsure of the results.
Finally, what is a good reliable long lead for £15 or below? I've found a Kinsman 'Stage' Deluxe cable for a reasonable price online, but again, I'm unsure of the quality.
Thanks in advance for any help.
I'd get the switch. You can do more with the amp while your playing with out having to stop

Becareful spraying WD40 in and around your amp.

Steelwool works great for removing rust. what is rusty on the amp? if it is the OT or PT don't go messing with them.
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The majority of the rust is just on the corners of the amp where the steel caps are, nowhere near any electronics. However, there is a little bit by the controls, but not on them, nowhere near anything vital.
absolutely! havent you ever wanted to go from clean to dirty immidiately? or just have that ability without fiddling with your amp?

i mean, if i would just plug in a 3rd arm at the cost of about 30 bucks and do more work at once, that would be nice.
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If you think you'll need to change channels & use the volume boost when you're playing, then get the footswitch. If you don't need to do that, don't buy one

Check out Livewire cables - you can get a 6m cable for under a tenner, I never use anything else. They come with a lifetime guarantee, but I've never needed to use it.
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I've used those Never Dull tubs from the auto stores to remove rust with good results. Probably no different than what wd40 and a good scrubbing can do.
I've never done it to my amps, but for removing surface rust from my guns I like WD40 (or Rem Oil) and 0000 steel wool. It won't hurt a finish, and it really slicks it up. I'd imagine metal pieces on an amp would produce similar results.
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I'll check out livewire cables-thanks!
With a re-check I've found that the second button is for reverb, which has slightly swayed me the other way, but at the same time channel switching seems very handy.

Thanks for the help with the rust issue guys.
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If it is for reverb and channel switching, then I'd deff get one. You can use any 1/4" TRS footswitch (I use a marshall pedal with my krank and my peavey)
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2013 G&L ASAT Deluxe
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I've decided to go for the pedal and I've ordered a Livewire Cable. Thanks for the help guys!