Title says it all, I don't know how else to describe it :P
Please give it a listen and let me know, I haven't composed any symphonic songs in a long time so I might be a little rusty

It's called "Beyond Hell III" and it's on my profile, click on my username and check it out !

Thank you in advance

Cheers !
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i really like the mix. guitar sits really well with everything else while still having presence. i didn't like string arrangement in the beginning though (where everything is panned right), did you pan them yourself or was it just the default viola/cello panning?

awesome rhythmic middle part. the arpeggio section was okay. is it finished? there's potential for it to be much longer. i'd certainly listen to it.

btw, i try to do symphonic metal on occasion as well, you might like this:
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Dude that was scary sounding. In a good way! The only thing I have to say is I think in a few areas (the oh and ah sounding orchestral parts) the orchestral stuff was a little too loud in the mix. Other than that that was sweet dude! I liked everything about it.


Can you perhaps redirect me to your thread so I can comment on the song directly there ?

And to visiblenoise : I used an imager for the orchestra and panned it according to an orchestra chart I found online (the listener being in the conductor's place) , I guess I should have added some tremolo violins in there as well to balance the panning a little bit !!

Thank you very much for your comments guys I appreciate it
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.