Hi,I bought an Epiphone Les Paul Special(First electric guitar), and a spider IV 15 amp from Line 6,I am very noob at amp settings,I saw on the internet some metal settings for the amp but when im playing 2 or 3 chords or more, the distortion is so thick that I can't really understand the notes that i'm playing is this the amp's fault or can you guys give me please a good metal setting? I wanna play some industrial like rammstein for example i don't want the exact tone but something that i can understand while playing, for example in their song Amerika, in the first riff I have to strum the 3 open strings, and the distortion is too thick to understand all sounds are noisy, my curent metal setting is:
Metal channel
Drive all the way up
Bass at 5 o'clock
Mid at 7 o'clock (mid 0)
Treble at 4-5 o'clock
Can you guys give me something better please?
If you are trying to play more than power chords down your gain way way down, almost off on the metal channel. You would be better off on the crunch channel.

And crank your mids to at least 12 o'clock.
Drive 2-3 o'clock
Bass 2-3 o'clock
Middle 9-11 o'clock
Treble 4ish
I had a Spider amp for like 3 days. I am more or less just giving you an idea. Ultimately you have to just sit down and find the sound you want. Also I mean its not the best amp to be honest, not that you need to buy a different one but with the gain maxed it will be muddy. A guy in my band still uses one that he runs into bigger speakers and he makes it sound decent. Between adding treble if needed, playing in bridge pickup and decreasing gain it should tighten it up a bit.
Good luck
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I've got my Spider 15 right beside me on a late night workout playing some Metallica

Drive is at 1:00 Bass noon Mid at 1:00 Treble at 1:00. But this little amp doesn't really have any versatility on the metal setting. It's pretty much a set "metal sound" where you cut the treble and move the drive knob around for your tones.
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I own the same guitar and amp combo, and aside from agreeing with the above advice about backing down the gain on the amp, back your guitars volume back slightly. This may sound stupid, but the les paul specials pups are muddy (imo).

Keep playing around with the dials, you'll find it. Not to bash this amp too much, but I play a busted up $10 pawnshop amp more than my line6...
The only right settings for a Spider IV are inside a furnace.

Ultimately you have to just sit down and find the sound you want.

Now seriously, though, this is the best advice possible.

Take the time to really get to know the EQ, how each knob affects the sound, how different gain levels sound depending on the EQ settings. Learning to use the EQ properly is getting one of the most useful tools you'll ever get for the electric guitar.
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Drive all the way up
Mid at 7 o'clock (mid 0)

Rubbish in = Rubbish out.

Turn down your gain and turn up your mids. I know this seems counter-intuitive as a beginner but it'll help get rid of the incoherent bass flubbiness and move your guitar into frequencies that the guitar actually plays in.
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