Hello everyone,

A few days ago I restringed my bass and the A-snare makes a weird buzz since. It seems like frett buzz to me but I'm not sure, as I am not really into the practical part of playing bass (which is a shame actually). I don't know what I did wrong, I just did it the way my bass teacher taught me 2 years ago. Can anyone help me out?

This 'incident' taught me that I need to learn a lot more about maintaining a bass. Are there good books or guides which describe how to maintain a bass in good shape?

Thanks a lot!
Well; it is rather hard to go wrong with a re-string job. One thing you can do wrong is to remove all of the old strings at once, and then put the new strings on. This sudden lack of tension on the neck can throw the neck bow out of balance, which means a small truss rod adjustment is in order. But we cannot know if this is the case when we cannot examine your bass. I would take it to a good guitar/bass technician and have them take a look at it. It is probably a very simple fix.
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I took the strings off one by one, after taking a string off I put a new one on, so that's not the problem. All right, thanks for the advice!