I know it's a bit early, but I'm not sure I'll get on tomorrow, plus it's only half an hour away from midnight here anyway.

Pretty simple/self explanatory theme. I was looking over the past year and noticed a lot of good stuff coming from that sort of post punk/goth rock kind of sound. Some of it has perhaps more of another influence like Ceremony with the Shoegaze, or Makthaverskan with the Jangle Pop, but I think there's a common ground running throughout all the bands. Obviosuly won't be everyone's cuppa, but this is the sort of stuff I've been in the mood for lately, so seemed appropriate. Hope you enjoy.

February 10: Annihislater
February 17: Metal_Head1
February 24: Helloween4Ever
March 3: \Powerslave/
March 10: Kytokinesis