i was watching a rigr run down video on youtube of scott ian from anthrax... he has a limited edition among the living guitar that comes stock with a duncan designed humbucker in the bridge.. just curious if anyone knew what model the pickup was.. i tryed google and it got me no where..anyone know??
yes scott does like the JB alot.. but the among the living guitar comes stock with a Duncan Designed pickup.. my question is does anyone know what model the D.D pickup maybe??
According to a blog on the Jackson website, it has a proper Seymour Duncan in. If it's the same as his other Jackson Soloist signature guitars, it'll be a Seymour Duncan "Scott Ian" El Diablo signature pickup.

Edit: or maybe it's just his one in the video that has a legit SD.

I'm going to guess at an HB-102, because that's their SH-4 substitute. They suck though.