Hi guys, new to this forum, it looks great!

I wanted to make a small research about guitar building app i'm thinking to build.
Here are 2 examples of such an app (really badly done):

1) Ruokangas Guitar Builder

2) Guitar Builder 3D Pro

Now, both of them are badly done, and i was aiming for something much cooler, here are some things i had in mind:

1) Select your wood type and pattern

2) Select from different body shapes or create a custom one

3) Same as 2, but for necks

4) Create custom colouring including bursts and stuff

5) Once all is done, you will be able to play that guitar and get a unique sound for each different guitar

everything will be super high-def, 3D, and as i picture it in my mind, super cool

The thing is, i wonder if the targeted audience (you guys) will consider of getting this app.
So, couple of questions:

1) Is it something you will be interested in? would you download it?

2) Are there any cool features you would like it to have?

3) What do you consider a reasonable price tag for such an app?

I would LOVE to hear any comment, ideas, and basically any thought you have on this app

Please share your thoughts!

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