Wow. 50 years have passed since the Beatles came to us here in the U.S. A lot has changed since then, eh? But really- I (and many others) love the Beatles, so if anyone has any special memories of them as a band and how they've changed your life, go ahead and post. Please by positive, I get really tired of Beatle-Bashers. Heres one of my many memories:

Waking up on my birthday to Beatles music... Walking out of my room... And my parents announcing that they're taking me to a Paul McCartney concert. That was a magical moment.
We love you John, Paul, George, and Ringo. You've changed the world.
My coolest Beatles memory is seeing Paul McCartney in concert a few years ago. His voice sounded great, and he played a crap load of Beatles songs in his set. And as he was getting off the stage after one of his encores(he played like three), I yelled "Yeah Paul!" while holding up a peace sign. And then he turned, looked right at me, pointed at me, and did a peace sign right back. It was pretty cool. I was like, "Holy crap, Paul McCartney just made me the fifth Beatle!"

Aside from that, a lot of my memories of them is listening to their songs on road trips, reading about them, talking about them with girls that happened to have a similar interest, watching Across the Universe with my sister, etc etc etc. They were one of the best bands. One of my biggest influences as a singer and a songwriter.
I listened to the Beatles almost every day when I was really little. I've never been to a Paul McCartney concert, or a Beatles in fact (I'm a bit young) so I'm rather jealous.