I'm taking my Flying V from .11s to .10s. Any adjustments I need to make?

The guitar has been set-up by a pro for .11s. Thanks!
You may need to loosen the trem springs a bit because the 10's will have less tension. Less tension also means the truss rod could need relief added, but I'm gonna vote for probably not.
Also, how would you loosen said springs. I won't need for this axe, but it would be good to know.
Does your guitar have a tremolo? If not, then there is not spring adjustment. Going to a smaller gauge, the only thing I can think might change is intonation. And at that point, it would probably be so small that it won't affect sound any.

To adjust the springs, open the body cavity in the back. It will be in the center. Not off to the side. That's where your volume pots and stuff are. There will be 2 to 3 Springs hooked to the trem, connecting to a metal piece, screwed into the body. Simply adjust the screws, and strings accordingly, until the bridge is floating evenly.
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Flying V with a trem? That would be unusual.

All musician's should be able to set up their own instruments, it's part of the craft. I check intonation regularly because it only takes a few seconds and is a good indicator of string wear. You should be checking your intonation anyway.
Then there's the truss rod. Also something you should know how to do yourself. I think Jen's guitar setup sticky over at Electric Guitar shows how. If not just google it. It's very easy to do. I check it regularly (at least every time I change strings) just to make sure nothing untoward is going on with the neck.

These are things you should know how to do like scales and chords. Learn it.
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