Another pedal board build. This is my second build. I needed a bigger board and wanted to keep it tidy. This one is made out of mahogany that I salvaged from a local source. Material is dressed down to 5/8" thickness. The first picture shows the frame pieces and joinery cut out. The other 2 are of the first dry fit of the joints.
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One more. This one gives a view of the rabbet around the inside of the frame where the deck board will rest. Rabbet is 5/16" wide x 1/2" deep. Deck board will be 5/8" birch ply.
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More pics. This is the underside of the deck board with the grommet holes and switch hole cut out. Painted black just because I like the look. The rabbet around the perimeter allows the board to lay flush with the top of the frame, and will let the switch lock in to the hole better.
These are the mounting brackets I made for my power supply. Made from 1"x1" aluminum angle from Home Depot. So simple to make - Cut to desired length, drill holes to match spacing on the enclosure screws on your particular power supply, drill 2 more holes for mounting screws.
power supply.jpg
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Here they are attached to a Pedal Power II using the existing enclosure screws on the power supply. Remove the 2 screws, line up the holes in the mounting bracket with the holes in the enclosure, thread the screws back in and tighten. This will be mounted to the under side of the deck board
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Thanks for all the comments so far. More pics...

Wiring up the switch to the power input socket. This will allow me to turn the power supply on/off and leave the board plugged in when its set up in my practice space. Its a lighted rocker switch from Torbram Electric Supply. The power socket came from there too.
Board assembled and finished. I put a coat of Minwax Red Mohogany stain on the board to highlight the grain in the wood. Then I applied 4 coats of Varathane Professional semi gloss. Sanded with 220grit between each coat of course. The handles are stainless steel wire pulls from Lee Valley Tools. Grommets are from Lee Valley as well.
First pic of the top side. Input jacks are Neutrik TRS locking jacks. I've got 2 inputs because I've got a Dropped D and a E standard guitar when I play live. Both inputs are wired to my A/B box (first in the chain) so I can quickly switch guitars without having to unplug anything.
Another one of the top side. View of the power socket and 3 output jacks. One goes to the front of the amp. The other 2 are an FX Loop. I run my delay and EQ in the loop. The rest of the effects go to the front of the amp .
Pedals are all mounted using bicycle chain links except for the WH1, the talkbox, and the wah . I had to make some brackets for those ones - I just used the same concept as my power supply mounts - adapted to fit each pedal.
pedal mount.jpg
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Last picture. This is the board sitting in its road case. (I have since cut the road case down to fit the board exactly). All cables are George L's except for the cables that are hardwired to the jacks at the start and end of the chain. These are homemade with pancake 90 degree ends
I was going to build a pedal board once, but I realized it was going to be alot more work than I thought. So I just used double sided tape to attach all my pedals to a slab of wood I found in the garage.
This board was a lot more work than I thought it would be as well. But, it was totally worth it. I got to set up my gear exactly how I want it, and setting up when I play out is now a breeze.
Pedal boards like this one make me wish I used enough pedals to merit a board. A+, man, it looks great.

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Looks good m8

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Mine looks nice I thought, but that is great, quality work. I like the 2 input concept that is pretty cool
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