Hey guys, i'm just wondering, is it safe to tie one end of the strap to the head stock of the guitar if you only have one strap button at the end of the guitar? Will it cause the neck of the guitar to bend over time or even a break?
It's fine to do that. The stress you will be putting on the guitar's neck is nothing compared to the stress that the tension of the strings is creating.
Hanging the front of the strap off the headstock, is old school folk. It's most likely the reason there's no strap button on your guitar body. They expect you to tie the strap that way.

Did your strap come with a string looped through one of the button holes? That's what it's for.

Anyhow, "plan B", is usually to drill a hole in the neck heel to attach the second button. I'm vain enough to do that, but I think it presents more danger to the guitar, in that depending on the grain direction and width, it may be possible to split the neck heel if not done properly.

Fender puts a reinforcing block inside the upper front bout, to support the strap button.

Keep in mind, many players also use an end pin output jack, to avoid drilling the body when they install a pickup.
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Get a Planet Waves Quick-Release Guitar Strap System. Loop the long end under the strings near the nut, and the short end through your straps' hole.

Thanks for the info guys! Anyways, I would like to ask, is it possible to install a strap button on a bolted guitar neck? and how to we check if our guitar neck is glued or bolted to the guitar body?
Well, almost all acoustic guitars are set neck, (glue on). With the possible exception of Taylor and perhaps some, (now out of production), Carvin acoustics.

You can check by getting a small mirror and looking inside the body. The bolts would be, (obviously), behind the neck heel, and one supposes in a direction that could be accessed with a socket / ratchet wrench.

If you're going to do any mods to the guitar, I honestly think Fender has the best plan, with a reinforcing block glued inside the body.

If there's a music store near you, (and they have Fender acoustics), go have a look.

In any case, if you're going to install a strap button on the neck heel, you mustpre-drill to hole, to the same size as the screw body, (that's the diameter, not counting the threads), before you try and screw the button on.

Since the neck is almost certainly a hardwood, (Maple or mahogany), the pre-drilling is necessary to avoid splitting.

If you have the tech on hand, upload a photo, or at the very least, give us the make and model of your guitar.]

Here's a link with a bolt on acoustic detail: http://buildyourguitar.com/resources/tips/bolton.htm I have to assume most installation. Taylor shows a strap button on the side of their bolt-on neck heel. (Taylor's site wasn't working, (for me anyway), you might have better luck).
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Hey, my guitar is just a cheap guitar, the washburn wd10.. So do you think it is possible to install a strap button at the neck heel?
Quote by newbieplayer97
Hey, my guitar is just a cheap guitar, the washburn wd10.. So do you think it is possible to install a strap button at the neck heel?

Yes, but make sure that the location will not cause the strap to slip when you move the guitar.