Basically what the title says. I want to buy an American Standard Strat and was wondering if it would be better to look used, as they are about 1200 at guitar center. I live in the Philadelphia area, so I could probably find a decent amount used. What does a used strat in good shape go for?

you already have your answer. see what GC is charging and that is the benchmark. if you find one for less then it's a better deal. figure $7-800 range for one in really nice shape.
It's totally worth it to look into the used market to see what's for grabs.

However, if you don't fall in love with any of the used American Standards you see, there are some US models that fall in the $800-$1000 range new. I personally own the American Special and it's a great guitar! It comes stock with Texas Special pickups and the Greasebucket tone circuit with the bottom tone wired to the bridge pickup.

The American Special and the similarly priced US Nitro Satin model are totally worth looking into.
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