I've got $3,000 and I'm looking for an amp with great British classic dirt and a good clean.

I'm mainly just looking at the combo, and thinking about saving up for a Suhr Modern Satin later on because I drastically need a new guitar. My hot rodded cheapo ESP LTD EC from like 2006 isn't cutting it anymore.

I keep trying to try it out at my shop but they're messing with stuff to get ready for their big March sale.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I've tried out the Marshall DSL and it seemed decent but it sounded pretty scooped in the mids.

The companies the local store stocks are Blackstar, Marshall, Mesa, Budda, and Fender. I've also thought about trying out a Budda, and they are a registered dealer, but I've never seen one in the store. I know the Budda gets some great filth, but I'e never heard the cleans.
Nice budget

Really, the world's your oyster. The Mesa is pretty highly regarded, however I've never played one. Look at:

Splawn- They make my favorite amps, period. Awesome hand-wired marshall style amps. The Street Rod could work great for you.

Friedman- Not sure about cleans, but if it sounds anything like its big brother, the Pink Taco could be nice for you.

3rd Power British Dream- also an extremely nice British style amp. Never heard of these but played one and for vintagy tones it hangs with the others mentioned.
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Definitely check out the Orange Rockerverb Mk II. But the Royal Atlantic might be just the ticket for what you want.

Blackstar Series One are also good, worth checking out.
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I have the RA, just tell me exactly want you want to know and I'll tell you why is such an amazing amp xD.

You want a nice british flavored gain but more muscular? Get it
You want one of the best cleans an EL34 amp has to offer? Get it

This amp is so easy to use that you'll get a GREAT tone in one or two minutes.

I use it for funk, jazz, blues, hard rock, classic rock, alt, sludge and thrash metal... Pretty versatile for such a "simple" amp, right?


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:O Get it NAOOO

Mesa Royal Atlantic
Orange Rocker 15
Marshall Class 5C
Emperor 4x12 Silver Bells
Yamaha THR10
PRS Swamp Ash Limited Custom 24
LTD Viper 500 with Duncans
Would need a link to that. It looks like GC and Boogie are severing ties.

They pulled all the MB amps off their website, and I didn't see any Boogieswhen I went to GC yesterday, or any deal like that.
GCs in CA (Hollywood & Concord), OR (Beaverton & Clackamas). WA (Kirkland & Seattle), MO (Crestwood), and KS (Overland Park) had some last week.

Call these stores, see if they have any left in stock.
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Out of all the Mesas I've tried, the Royal Atlantic was my favorite. My local store has had one for a long time and they try to convince me to buy it every so often. If they keep trying it might happen, lol.

It definitely fits the bill for nice, warm cleans and British flavored crunch and gain. It sounds awesome for hard rock all the way up to thrash and even beyond. I didn't even try it with a boost. The gain is just so rich and full of harmonic detail -- I have a hard time stopping playing it whenever I plug into it at the store. I think it blows all the Orange amps I've played away...just my opinion though.
Gah. This thread is pushing me over the fence to get this amp. Can't wait to try it out next week.
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John Petrucci spoke very highly of the Mesa Royal Atlantic in a recent interview. I think you will probably be very pleased with it.
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Dat Road King tho.

Everyone I know that has one does EL34 for gain and 6l6 for cleans. I'm the only person I know that uses EL34s for the clean channel. :/

I also find the mixed power section sounds revolting compared to matches.

Anyway, I hope to get out to pianos n stuff tomorrow and try out the RA100 head and combo. Tomorrow's my birthday.