I was just wondering how do i make my bass lines more smoother,dynamic?
Are there any particular practices that will help my fingers become more flexible and be able to play faster stuff.
Chromatic exercises with a metronome are best for that sort of thing.
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Indeed and also it just takes a lot of time. When playing an instrument sometimes it becomes about being "good" instead of simply getting better each day. Take it slow and approach it as if you are studying the instrument to gain understanding, understanding comes from experience.

Good luck
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Smooth and dynamic don't really go hand in hand to me.

If you want smooth, try playing fingerstyle, a lot of sweeping, gentle touching, pulloffs and gentle hammerons.

For dynamic, try picking or slapping with powerchords.
I've found smoothness lies in the technique whereas dynamic lies in the note choice.
Just make sure to slowly work on finger exercises regularly and then build them up to scratch with a metronome.
Using different scales helps cover both fields as it gives you different note choices and makes your hand adapt to lots of changing finger patterns, which keep them agile.

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I give students an excersize I like to call the Spidercrawl.

Basically, all on one string, (make it the E string) you put one finger per fret wherever you want, lower the neck is harder because the fret spacing is slightly further apart, so if you feel your fingers are a little weak start on the 12th fret, (unless your action has a view)

what you do is play with your first finger, then second, then first, then third, then first, then fourth. (Numbering your fingers from index being 1 and pinky being 4)

The pattern being you are repeating the first finger you played with after each other finger, so in tab it looks like

|-1-2-1-3-1-4-1-| (then down) |-1-4-1-3-1-2-1-|

play it slow and try to keep your fingers as close to the string as possible without them getting in the way, the slower the better.

Once you've played it up and down, go to the A string, rinse and repeat for all strings.

Furthering the excersize you start on different fingers, changing the pattern to

|-2-1-2-3-2-4-2-| (then down) |-2-4-2-3-2-1-2-|

Speed and accuracy will come, but at first, slow it right down, no time, just get your technique perfect, playing really slow and definitely, and try make the notes as legato as possible, (smooth, no silence between notes) remembering to keep your fingers when not playing down, close to the strings, but not touching, the finger you are fretting with is firm but not too firm, find where the pressure point is, slowly relieve pressure not lifting your finger from the string and try to get it to buzz, not mute, find the difference between the amounts of pressure you have to give to achieve both sounds (this is a control excersize) get used to how hard you have to press for a good clean note.

get faster slowly and add a metronome, start at 100 bpm. Get faster as you see fit, though playing this excersize faster with the metronome isn't so hard, take the metronome down by 5bpm, remaining legato and definite to a slow steady pulse is quite tricky to get perfect
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