Well, at the moment, I am working on two Creedence's songs, "Have you ever seen the rain" and "Proud Mary".
I know that is quite impossible to get the same guitar tone, but I would like to get something more similar than I'm getting now.
As far as I know he played a "Les Paul" and a "Rickenbaker" and a "Kustom K200 A4".
I would like to get the lead tone on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXwnkWsvlqQ&feature=kp (from minute 1:30)
Well, I am playing a Pacifica 112v (strat, 2 SC 1 H) on a Roland Cube 80x.
This amp has next "sims": Acoustic, Black panel (Fender Twin Reverb), DLX (Fender Delux Reverb), Brit Combo (Vox AC-30TB sound); Classic Stack (Marshall JMP); Metal stack (Peavey EVH 5150); R-Fier Stack (Mesa Boogie Rectifier); Dyna Amp.
Ok, my questions are:
Which Pacifica pickup do I have to select?
Which of these amps is more similar to the Kustom?
Thamnks a lot for your replies.
Kind regards.
One thing you'll note as I remember, Fogarty tunes down a 1/2 step on "Proud Mary". I too am a big Fograty fan. I saw him play about 5 years ago and he played a few different guitars but still sounded like what you expect him to sound like. You are correct that he started the first couple albums playing a Rickenbacker that was stolen so he bought a Gibson Les Paul that he played pretty much till the band broke up. Tom Fogarty usually played a Gibson ES335 so some of the rhythm sounds are coming from Tom's guitar. As far as amps, I had a Kustom amp similar to John's (I still have the cabinet). They were pretty loud and clean so John must have been really been cranked to get the sound he got from them. The thing about "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" is to practice changing the G to the Em on the intro while keeping the G note on the high E string down when you play the Em chord. Depending on how you play the G chord it's takes awhile to make the change sound smooth and seemless and not lose the drone quality of the high G note. Good luck. You picked two great songs from a great player.
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any creedence i ever hear sounds like a tele. that might just be my cloth ears, but if it fools me it might fool you too

try the bridge pickup with the coil split engaged

one of the more vintage-voiced amps on your cube- probably one of the fender or vox models.
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