What's the best cheap mic to record some vocals and maybe mic a guitar amp? I have about £25 to spend.
Behringer, though saving up more for a used SM58 will be worth it.
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If they're similar in price go the Samson, I know some people prefer it over an SM58 for live vocals whereas the Behringer is just a direct 58 clone. For recording vocals you'd be better off saving a little and looking into a cheap condenser mic such as the Behringer C1.
^^Eh... I actually own a Q7 and like it better than the SM58 on most things
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I own a Q7 myself and love it. Its a pretty good low cost mic that runs very clean on most anything I've ever used it for.

I A/B'ed it with a ton of mic's when I bought it and it out performed every other mic I had lined it up against. I've left a review of it here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=301566 under post # 12.