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Try to find a different bathroom/Piss yourself
1 3%
Wait it out at the urinals
0 0%
Attempt to urinate while holding in the gas
5 15%
Let 'er rip!
20 59%
I have never had this problem
8 24%
Voters: 34.
And you're in a public place, work or just out in general. But you've also got to pass gas in the worst way. You know what I'm talking about. You know as soon as you relax to piss, you'd be ripping a hole in your pants if you hadn't already flung them on the floor the second you got to the restroom.

When you sprint into the bathroom you see, much to your misery, your boss, someone you look up to, or just too many people in general, at the urinals, and the stalls are all taken. If you're a female, let's say all but one stall is full, and you recognize the shoes.

What do you? Do you stand there by the urinals holding it all in until they leave, and then look like a fool who can't urinate in front of other people because you've been standing there for so long? Attempt to pee while trying to hold in your farts? Or, do you just say social norms be damned, I want relief and let it all out at once?

Discuss experiences, advice etc.
dirtbag ballet by the bins down the alley
as i walk through the chalet of the shadow of death
everything that you've come to expect

If they give you a look or question you, point out that it just came out of your arse.
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Go out for a rip.
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just go in the more-often-than-not empty disabled toilet
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just go in the more-often-than-not empty disabled toilet
Yah but they'll be out there and see you when you come out. Possibly mocking your horrible digestive problems and the fact that you tried to hide it. For shame.

;_; I'm so proud of you guys for just letting it fly. I'm glad we're all comfortable with our bodily functions here.
I voted "let 'er rip!" and I like to think that I would but in reality I'd probably wait for the room to empty or try to hold the fart in.
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That's what.

i always fart when i pee its just better that way

Well i couldn't find the answer I wanted so I'd go in my car and find something to piss in like a bottle or a cup.
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What do you?
I don't know what I'd because I've never had this "urination relaxation causing farts" problem before. Didn't even know it existed tbh.

As a child, I was always told the only appropriate place to do it in public would be the restroom. So I think I'd be okay if someone did it there. But personally, if there were no stalls, I'd probably just hold it in. Never had problems with doing that before.
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When I'm standing at the urinals I fart all I have to without thinking about it. I'd make it silent, but I don't think I'd wait until they leave. Maybe one of them would be doing the same thing and then you'd wait until one ripped it.
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I'd just fart on the way to the bathroom to be honest, or just walk slightly further away to somewhere that was empty.
If I'm at work- well our bathrooms are single person.

If I'm outside of work and someone I don't want to embarrass myself around is there- Well I used to hold is my piss for 10+ hours for many years, while downing soda/energy drinks all day. I think I can manage a few minutes until I get home or to another bathroom.
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