So title says it all. Picked up the guitar again, and although im going to buy a Jackson DKXT while its currently on sale at $250 vs the normal 500, ive decided that with those savings I also want to fix up my 1981 Peavey Patriot. That being said, the thing does not stay in tune very long. Not sure where to start with it not staying in tune, its an older guitar so it could be anything. Stock pickups? I have no idea where to start. Any help would be awesome
Pickups would almost certainly not be the cause of your tuning problems, unless you had insanely hot magnets in them, low string action and minimal tension on the strings. The Patriot was a good guitar; most had a standard Fender-style tremolo bridge. Assuming that yours has such a bridge, then your tuning problems probably stem from the usual culprits: spring tension (or lack thereof), bridge not properly set up, your strings are catching in the nut, or it could be that you have one or more bad tuning keys. Check those things first.
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