Hey there fellow UGers.

I sold all my guitar equipment besides the guitar itself (LTD EC-1000) a couple of years ago because I lost motivation and interest in playing.

I got inspired after watching "Metallica: Through the Never" movie and decided to look for a budget multi effects processor with a USB interface to play without an amp directly through my laptop.

Looking at Zoom G3 reviews made me sure that it was just what I needed.

I used to have a Zoom G2 and mostly played heavy stuff. I learned every aspect of the device and never encountered problems with getting a tone which suited my needs and was completely satisfied with it while practicing at home.

Upon the arrival of my new Zoom G3 I got disappointed because I spent about 3 hours trying to get some kind of distortion I had on my G2.

I tried importing the presets from guitarpatches.com but they all sound COMPLETELY different from the previews.

I really don't know what can be wrong. It's probably because of my integrated sound card or the cheap connection cables I'm using, but I'd like to hear what you guys think.
Is everything the same as when you used the G2? I.E. same guitar, same speakers? If not then it's going sound different.
The only difference is the sound card (which was also a chinese noname integrated one) because I got myself a new computer
I experienced this issue myself between my buddies G2Nu and my G5, I'm having a hard time getting suitable metal tones so maybe it was a change in the sound-banks.

May just try copying a bunch of them over and patching them into the G5, if you use the Zoom interface I suggest looking around online for a few patches made by others. Should be a few usable ones in there.
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The G3 is a significantly better pedal than the G2, it also works in a different way. The G2 is purely about patches, whereas the G3 is at it's best when you use it's effects individually.

Start simple and set up with just an amp sim switched on. Probably a Marshall sim but don't be afraid to try others. Play with all the levels. If you aren't getting it heavy enough, add in a drive effect before the amp - the order the effects appear on the G3's display is the order they'll be processed. Depending on the metal sound you're after, try adding an EQ & scooping the mids.

Basically experiment as if you were using real equipment.

Also remember that you don't need your PC to be involved if you're just practicing. You can plug your headphones/speakers directly into the G3. Try that, you don't want to have more processing going on than is absolutely necessary.
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Quote by BigHeadClan

I suggest looking around online for a few patches made by others

As I already mentioned, there is a huge difference between the previews they attach to the patch you can find online and the sound I get after importing it into my device. I could record it and post it here when I get home from work so you get the general idea of what I'm speaking about.
Look in the G3's Global menu to check what output setting you have. Is it set to direct?

Also, check out the cabinet settings. In your amp have you got a cabinet setting, is it the same as those in the clips? Does your software have a cab setting that is causing conflict?

I find the best thing to do is to write down on paper the various settings that you need to get correct, from the input of the Zoom to the output of the PC.

Also, what speakers are you using to listen to? The clips may be through a proper amp cab which will make a difference. Again the cab settings will be important here.