So recently I made the jump from 6-string to 7-string, and this song is my first original outing on the instrument. I also made massive improvements to my production skills. Influenced by Periphery and Slayer, with some touches of 70's mellotron in places. All music written, recorded, mixed and mastered by myself. Enjoy, and feel free to download!

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First off, your production skills are indeed quite good. Musically, the mellotron stuff definitely stands out and I absolutely love that little chime melody that starts around thirty seconds in. The guitars and the groove bring everything together really nicely, the song flows very naturally, and it's pretty impressive how well you make the soft, pretty mellotron sounds mesh with the grit and heaviness of the guitars. As a matter of personal opinion I tend to feel like djent as a genre has largely been killed off by hordes of cookie-cutters and copycats, but I only bring this up because there's something very refreshing about your song. I don't know if it's the mellotron or the thrash influence but I think you're really onto something here. Fantastic job man, keep it up!

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Sounds great so far. I'd boost the lows and put a little bit of a cut on the high shelf on the kick. I'd also probably turn down the snare a little, but otherwise, everything sounds great! I totally hear the Periphery. I'm not sure I hear any Slayer though.
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im thinking of getting a 7 string axe as well!

good keys/samples on the intro, excellent build up...sounds quite proggy

love it-love it when the guitar kicks in, thats a really cool riff and those soft keys in the background are haunting, I think it sounds a bit like a heavier old school Pagans Mind mixed with Fear Factory

which guitar are you using? I bet the 7 string opens up all new possibilities

I really dig the clean guitar bit a lovely contrast to the heavy chords, that melody is great

you got yourself a new fan in me! I think vocals could take this to a whole new level as well!

have you got a facebook music page?
@JaMeZtEr - Slayer influenced the 4/4 bit in the first half, as well as my general riff phrasing.

@InnerDream - Sort of but I'm probably gonna start a new page under a different name when I make a few more songs like this. My guitar's a Jackson DKA7, maybe a little bright-sounding (and looking) for some people's liking but I took to it like a duck to water. Kinda wish all my 6-strings were 26.5" too now lol

Cheers for the feedback guys, keep it coming people!
Fantastic production on this. I'm also not a fan of the snare drum on this, but then I've never liked the trigger-sounding drums associated with this genre, so that could just be a taste thing.

Great movement, great sounding guitars, sounds nice and full and I love the tone - that is precisely the sound I'd like if ever go 7 string, which could happen. The bass and quality of this recording is awesome. You can turn this up, loud and it sounds nice and balanced.

Would love to hear vocals with this. I wonder what you have in mind for that - hopefully you're looking for proggy vocals with good range. I hear some dreamy vocal melodies over this stuff - you've got a lot of that going on in the background already, I can hear it.

Nice job and I like the time signatures and riffage.
Love the mix. Great production skills too. The guitar's low-end sound in the mix sounds a bit 'clanky', but I dig it. Very well played. The drums suit the track, but not really liking your choice of snare. It sounds a bit 'blocky' to me. Kept my interest throughout the entire track. Love the huge 'punch' of sound when the guitars come in. Great song. I would absolutely love to hear some harsh/clean vox play over this. Lots of potential. Threw you a follow.

interesting beginning, can't tell if it's going to be a happy or sinister track. the guitars do sound a little bit more 'clanky' than i'd like, but other than that you have great tone.

it doesn't really seem to pick up to me until 3:00, i like the riff there. i would have liked a little more melody or movement in the part leading up to it.

4:00 like the soloing with the lone bass, it fits perfectly with the meditative pads from the beginning.

good job bringing it all back together for the ending. overall, i liked the song despite not being a huge fan of djent, but i think some of the riffs that you played on their own needed some help from either the keys or some richer chord/lead overdubs.
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I really like the intro a lot

One thing I'd probably adjust is the overall lows of the track, and especially the bass of the drums. It sounded almost like someone took a high pass filter to the whole track, but it may just be the earbuds I'm currently using to listen to it as I don't have my M50s with me atm.
Wow this sounds REALLY good. When the guitars finally came in I was really taken by surprise. The low stuff really cuts through the mix and isn't really muddy at all. Overall the song was very atmospheric and had a lot of cool instrumental parts to keep me interested (though at times I wished there was a bit more going on melodically). I really liked the use of the synths, particularly the chorus and the bells at around 6:00.

What plug in are you using for the drums? They sound great and I really like the sound of the bass drum.

This is really awesome stuff. I followed you on soundcloud, so make sure to let me know if you've got any new material or would like to collaborate ever. Great work!
@Voda La Vod - whilst I normally write music for vocals I'm intending to keep this stuff instrumental, since this was my first time dipping my toe in the water no doubt I'll get better with lead ideas. Wouldn't even rule out vocals though.

@Harlot Hero - I wanted a massive snare sound but yeah seems I went a little too massive lol, will tone it down a little in future.

@vIsIbLeNoIsE - how do you mean by the clankiness, does it sound like a tone issue or a technique issue you reckon?

@Who Sh0t Ya HxO - I Mix/master in Cubase 7 and use Superior Drummer 2.0 for drums.

@dead_air_space - I added a high pass filter at around 40hz in mastering, but it's likely just the earbuds tbh, there is quite a lot of low end there.

@Octavarius94 - noted on the melodies, will def look at mixing things up more in the future.

Cheers for the feedback guys, keep it coming people!
Intro sounds cool. Guitar & bass tones are rather good. Good audio quality all around. I think this is more melodic than most of the Periphery I've heard (a compliment). Guitar & bass playing are tight. Drums are good for the genre. Some good vocals would be nice. At 3:30 sounds cool. Surprised to hear chirping birds on this style of music (I'm not complaining). Good job. Please review my music at this link:

Really enjoying the intro, love how it flows into the main song. I would boost your lows a bit, it would give your chugs more depth. I like the drums quite a bit, very good sound and programming. Love the breakdown around 3:30, the melody is very catchy. I think my favorite part of the song is 5:30, love the tune. Very good playing, m'friend! Major props!

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