I really need a good noise gate to clean up my signal at high volumes while running multiple pedals. I will get the normal noise, but also huge screeching volume spikes when I don't turn the guitar volume completely down or muting strings while not playing for more than a few seconds. Highly annoying. I've read many different reviews and it seems the ISP is the best non tone sucking. In looking at the ISP decimate 2 but am not sure if I should get normal or g string because I'm on a budget and 250 new is a lot if it won't do a lot more than the normal. Can anyone explain? Also the gate CANNOT do the annoying fade in of the notes you know? I don't want it to affect the playing at all, just the screeching and hum. So if the ISP will do this let me know thanks! I currently have a peavey envoy 110 but going to hopefully get peavey 212 6505 soon
i'd get a new amp first just in case you don't have these problems with it

that screeching could be microphonic pickups- if so get your pickups potted (or just get new pickups) rather than a gate

that's not to say a gate won't help even if you get a new amp or your pickups fixed, but it normally makes more sense to fix what's broken first.
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I have a ISP decimator that I just throw in the loop. It keeps the hiss that tends to form with higher gain stuff at bay. If I bump it up a little it can keep boost dead silent as well.
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ISP decimator.... In the loop to kill hiss. Up front to kill feedback.
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I'd get the regular ISP. It will still work great if you get a 6505.

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