My girlfriends father has an old Vantage VS600 lying in his basement. It looks really good and it is in a little better than mediocre shape.
What is worth?
I may buy it if the price is right and he wants to sell it!
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the complete listings on ebay are $200-$290 for them
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I payed $300 for my 79 vp700 should be fairly close to that maybe a little less. There great guitars anf depending on the condition I would offer around $250.
Thanks! And by the way, how can I figure it when it was made?
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1979 they had a 5 didgit serial number first number will be a 6 7 or 8 for vs600 vp700 va800
From 1980-1988 they changed to a 7 didgit number the first number is the year it was made in
Matsumoko shut down in 88 and I believe they stopped making this line of guitars in 86. After that vantage was made in korea until the mid 90s.

Edit: double checked my facts there was also a 6 digit serial in the early 1980 with the year as the first number and its the first number not first 2 for the year.
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There are some number on a plate on the neck joint saying this:
So the guitar is from 82 I guess?
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Looks like January 82 second and third are the month. Sounds like it might be a ve550 if it has a plate on the back the ve is the bolt on version the vs is neck through I think.

There's a ton of information on vantage at matsumoku.org if you want to know more about the guitar.
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Thanks for the help! I found some interesting stuff there.
I got the bolt on VS600 with black pickups, unlike the early (according to the catalogs) VS600 with cream pickups!
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