I play a Cuenca model 40

This is my only recording (Bad quality sound and vision sorry)

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welcome in Iso ! i've never seen or heard of a Cuenca guitar. i'd love to see some pics of it to satisfy my curiousity.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Very nice guitars are Cuenca ... Hand made in Spain.

I've fixed the youtube link in the opening post ... Have a listen see if you like it.
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This isn't a Cuenca, I'm just throwing in in because it's so outrageously f*****g groovy...

I really enjoyed your video. "Dueling banjos", is quite the whimsical choice of material for classical guitar...

The sound is a bit bass heavy, but I've noticed that a lot with internet guitar recordings. Other than that, it sounded fairly decent.

Microphones with a, "cardioid", pickup pattern, tend to boost bass when placed close to a sound source. With that type of mic, you may have to back it away from the sound hole for a more natural sound. (Just a thought).

I finally got an image to link from Spanishguitar.com: Trouble is, I have no idea what model it is. They seems to be blocking a script or something and the image you, (and I), tried to link, is only showing what I believe to be, the GIF place holder.... That image is also in an odd, web only format, ."php"
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