Hey guys,

I want to buy a guitar pro license and I need
to know, as an old user, if you can still get guitar pro 5 with it.
Guitar pro 6 looks unworkable at the moment.

Please answer fast !
I got guitar pro 6 and I like the heck out of it. I don't know what happened here on Ultimate Guitar site but it seems all teh Guitar Pro tabs are ALL GONE on any of the artists one wants to find. I don't know WHY but from my perspective it seems more people were going to guitar pro for tabs to download to their software, (as some use it for Fretlight guitars and from looking at Tab Pro I don't think it is compatible. Jsut my opinion.

Would like to know the REAL SCOOP as to why Guitar Pro tabs are removed. It says "Removed by the publishers request"

I can't or have not figured out here how to post a new thread to get this questons answered. I can't seem to find any "POST NEW THREAD" links or buttons. Maybe someone can give me some insight?