hey guys, so, im wondering, am i the only one that thinks writing and improvising solos over a single note, is more difficult than playing over more complicated rhythm pieces? Ive been trying to write a solo for one of my bands songs, 16 bars long, and for 12 of those 16, its just an E pedal note, but every fourth bar, u just descend A Ab F. So, by my logic, this makes it E phrygian dominant. But really, creating a melody over this is kicking my a**. The pace is pretty much straight 16th notes. Am i the only one that finds writing a solo over this more difficult, compared to something that might change more rhythmically, and have more notes under it? When i usually write a solo, i focus more on the rhythm underneath, and come up with some cool phrases over it. But with just 16th note rhythms, im not figuring out much i like. It just sounds like im trying to force something that isnt there.
So, i guess in the long run, am I the only one that runs into this problem? Or do some of you guys have similar problems.
I find it to be much the same, I think it's because you can't rely on the backing to make things more interesting or give you clues about the harmony; all the movement has to come from your lead.

I don't know if you've already tried this but put down the guitar and step away from it, try singing a lead over the section and see if that helps.
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