The title says it all, guys. It works on its own, it works before the Black Finger, but it does not work in the most logical place to put it (after the compressor).

Does anyone have any information that may help me get this sorted out?
I apologize in advance for any idiocy on my part.
What to you mean by its not working? Like does turn on or the effect isn't as desired?

Stupid questions but needed. Is it powered properly? Right volt power supply or a fresh battery? Did you check to see if all the cables are all the way the jacks? Did you try different patch cables? Different wall outlet?

Really going to need for information than it just doesn't work.
It was bought new today, actually, so its all new stuff (power supply, cables and all). Yes, I did try different cables. The "check" light doesn't come on, and there is no sound produced when I plug the output of the black finger into the input of the ODB, then plug the ODB into my 2x12 combo amp. In short, the black finger is still noticeably receiving the input, and the ODB does not turn on. If I switch the order of the pedals, or even use each of them separately, everything works flawlessly. ONLY when I place the ODB after the black finger does the ODB not work.
I had a similar problem, but I'm not sure if it is the same thing. I didn't realize I was using a stereo patch cable.

I don't think it's the same problem though because only my Boss pedals worked, but not the Line6 or EHX.
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