Hi! I have played guitar for a couple years now, and have learned a guite good picking technique. I just can't reach the speed, because my left hands fights against me. And i think i have found the problem. Everytime i pick a note with a finger, it automaticly lifts itself few centimeters from the neck. Therefore i cant play very quickly. I have tried to keep em' down, but it doesn't seem to work. Do i just continue normal guitar playing and wait for my fingers to settle down or do you have any tips for that?
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I have tried to keep em' down

Don't do that. Forcing your fingers in to any position is a recipe for tension and there's no way you can make small movements if you're tense; you just won't have the control needed to do it.

Focus on relaxing as much as possible; when you're done using a finger for fretting, don't lift it, just relax it. Be warned though: you won't be able to practice this for X amount of time and suddenly that's it you have economy of motion now. It's the kind of thing that you practice extremely slowly over time and it filters in to your playing at speed as you get better.

Watching that Rick Graham vid (which is all good stuff as well by the way) you can see what I'm talking about; when he's using a pair of fingers during the trill stuff at about the 8 minute mark you can tell his other fingers are completely relaxed. That's what you need to aim for all the time, if any part of your whole hand or arm is tense then you're going to be making more movement than you should be aiming for.
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