I have played Alternate picking for along time and want to learn a fast way to pick for hard rock licks or maybe some metal solos, I have looked at economy picking and sweep picking and would like to know which is the easier one to learn? although i know they are still both going to be hard to learn.

From what i know and it is not a great deal economy picking example would be D U DD U which seems to only work with odd number of strings so how would you economy pick an arpeggio guess you can't ?

Then there is sweep picking which i think is basically one straight direction up or down as many number of strings .

I know there is a lot more to it than this but just trying to work out which one i would be better learning economy picking looks harder cuz of the direction of picking and you couldn't use that to pick an arpeggio unlike you could sweep the arpeggio .

Any ideas that might help me decided which one or just what other people are doing that might help me learn this new skill.
They are different tools that lend themselves to different things and different sounds.

Also if you're looking to play fast then adding economy picking or sweeping in to your repertoire isn't going to help inherently, what you need is more time and practice with what you do know.
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Economy picking isn't that different from alternate picking. It just means if you are moving to a higher string you pick down and if you are moving to a lower string you pick up. In some cases the way the down stroke/upstroke falls you end up picking the same way as you would alternate picking.


That's what it looks like but if you were playing each set of 3 notes twice it would be DUDUDU-DUDUDU etc which is the same as alternate picking. Paul Gilbert plays strict alternate and Yngwie Malmsteen doesn't both play some pretty fast licks. If you already play strict alternate I'd stick with it and work on getting to speed.

Sweeping is pretty much how you described it, I'd say it's worth learning.
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