I'm looking for a cheap (no more than £50.00) second hand bass to use purely for adding a bass line to my recordings.

I know nothing about Bass guitars so what should I be looking for? Would I be able to pick anything usable up for this sort of price? I was going to take a look on Gumtree.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Does no one have a comment?

Aren't there any cheap bass guitars that are generally regarded as the best of the budget range that I could be looking for?

I'm a regular 6 string guy so was hoping that one of the Bass guitar regulars might be able to share some wisdom and point me in the right direction.
I mean, that's pretty friggin' cheap. I wouldn't spend less then 100$ on even a junker to use. You'll just end up amplifying cardboard, so putting a little more money into will be worth it. Unless you plan to just smash it with distortion, or bury it in the mix.
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I paid £50 on ebay for my Peavey Milestone III - purchased for the exact same reason you're considering buying one, but it's actually a pretty solid guitar. Several 'proper' bassists have said it compares well to their more expensive kit.
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Anything for that price is really hard to find. Even the crappiest/cheapest basses usually cost more. So maybe try spending a bit more. For £150-200 (or even a bit less) you could get a pretty good used bass.
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Have a look on ebay for Ibanez - their budget range are rated as a nice playable bass and can usually be picked up cheaply, probably not £50 but under £100.
Yeh I know £50.00 is a bit tight but I really do only need it for the odd occasion that I need to create a bass line for a track I've created.

Thanks for your help guys!
My Ibanez was £60 with a hard case too, so it is possible to do it. But you might have to hunt around a bit.
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