I'm new to these forums, but I'm simply looking for some quick help.
It's coming up to my birthday and I'm looking into buying a line 6 pod floor plus.
However I want to know if I can record with it by connecting it to my current line 6 ux2 interface.
At the moment I'm connecting direct to the ux2, and then using pod farm 2.0 for tones to record into reaper.
Is it possible to simply place the pod floor plus between the guitar and the ux2 interface? And then how would I get the tones from the board into reaper?

Yeah, you could plug the guitar into the pod and the pod into the interface.

I don't understand what you mean with this though - "And then how would I get the tones from the board into reaper?"
If you mean to ask how you would get the sound to reaper, it would just work the same way it works now when you're plugging your guitar directly in, though you wouldn't need the amp simulator in reaper 'cause you would already have the processed guitar sound coming from the pod.
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