I'm in a rut here. Over the past 12 months, my musical taste has become so extreme, that I can't enjoy a lot of things, even though I'm broadening my horizons. The only things I'm enjoying nowadays are when I find a new band that does something I've never heard before, and I can't think of anything else like it. There's like, 20 albums which I listen to on a regular basis, even though my library is over 100gb. I used to listen to so much more.

My main genre of music has always been metal, but I'm very picky with my taste. Rings of Saturn, Protest the Hero, Ne Obliviscaris, Mastodon, Infant Annihilator, just about anything by Devin Townsend. The things these bands all have in common is how original I find them, they're all so progressive, and there's no similar bands.

The guitar riffs are always so unique between these bands, the drums can moderate from super intense to standard rock beats all in one song, and none of them rape the snare drum (too much tech death bands do it, I hate it), the bass guitar doesn't just follow root notes, the vocalists (hold Mastodon, no hate) are all very talented, and it's very hard to replicate what they do. Anything which makes me think about what they're actually doing to achieve their sound is what makes it a good song, opposed to generic metalcore bands, where you just know when breakdowns etc are coming.

I have since opened my mind and started listening to things such as Mumford and Sons, Gorillaz, Massive Attack, Jack White, Enya, God Is An Astronaut, Zeamoon, Sensient, Shapeshifter, Aphex Twin(crazy techy beats, love them). I think the reason that I have some attraction to these bands, is it's something that I personally find original (after not paying much attention to it for so long). Although it's not complex or technical, it does make me think a bit, and I do draw musical creativity from it, but I do not enjoy it as much as metal. If I'm going to the gym, Enya isn't going to pump me up.

Music I dislike is:
Rap. It's the lack of musical ingenuity that kill it for me, and rapping itself doesn't do much for me, I'm not hating on the lyrical side of it, some is fantastic.

Country. The vocal style and steel string acoustics generally kill it for me. Most of he lyrics are about girls/something depressing. Not saying it's all like that, but I have no interest in enjoying this genre.

Pop. Not really a genre I guess, but most pop music is popular because it's so easy listening, lack of thought needed to listen to it. I enjoy bands like Foo Fighters, even though they can be considered pop rock, but I'm sure you'll understand my point.

Does anyone have any advice for me on how to enjoy more types of music, or have any recommendations of something different to listen to?
"I think, as a musician, you should practice your technique to be as good as you need to be to facilitate whatever ideas come into your head."
- Devin Townsend
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Didn't realize I wrote so much, sorry.

I like progressive music, where most/all of the instruments are doing something cool, not an amazing guitarist shredding over some lame ass beat, with a bass guitar just providing rhythm. Electronic music is fine if it's not all 4/4. I need more cool things to listen to, and advice on opening my mind to more music.
"I think, as a musician, you should practice your technique to be as good as you need to be to facilitate whatever ideas come into your head."
- Devin Townsend
I appreciate the lyrical ability of rappers, but I hate how every hook line and sinker is sung in the same boring monotone. On the contrary, when you hear Kurt Cobain recite lyrics, he recites the poem from so deep in his stomach that when he sings out loud it rips his vocal chords to shreds. I appreciate it when I hear somebody sing with such heart, you don't get that in rap music.

I'm not really into metal the way you are, but a good way to find new music is through interviews or by searching for groups synonymous with a band you really like. For instance, Nirvana is probably one of my biggest influences ever. In some of their interviews, they mention their influences, so I figured hell, if I like Nirvana and they like 'x' group, there is a really strong chance I like whoever they like as well. I started listening to Black Flag and The Sex Pistols because of this... Same goes for The Meat Puppets and The Melvins. I found Alice In Chains, Mudhoney and Pearl Jam because they were synonymous with Nirvana.. Not going to lie, I really don't like Pearl Jam or Alice in Chains a whole lot, they're decent, but I did find Mudhoney because of this and I like them a lot.

Another good way to find music is to search the Billboard Top 100 in various countries. I did this in England and Ireland and found The Arctic Monkeys, The Cribs and Muse by doing this.

I keep a notepad by my desk and I have an on going list full of bands to download, once you get it going you'll find that a list full of 5 or 10 bands quickly grows into a list of 30 or 40 bands.

I go through phases, some bands I get stuck on for a few years and then I grow out of them. I try not to get stuck into one band only, but sadly there are some people who will only listen to Metallica for the next 50 years until they die and never branch out. I'm a complete ***** for music, I'm always looking for my next influence.