Hello GBC!

I have a pair of old DiMarzios (from around the 80s) that I want to use on a project. What would I need to do the converting apart from the casings. Would I need to pot them again when inside the covers?

Thank you

edit: The PUs have only pole pieces. Do I need fully closed covers, or those with the holes are an option? If so, will I need to replace the poles with screws?
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Not sure on the pole pieces but when I covered a set of pups I just bought the casing online and VERY carefully attached them using a bit of solder and a 60W iron. You have to be quick so that you don't melt the wax.
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I don't think you can replace slug poles with screws. The screw heads are about the same diameter as the polepiece bores but the threaded part is much smaller. So the screws would be too narrow for the existing holes.
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