I recently purchased what seems to be a Royce hollow body guitar from an antique store for $100.00 and am curious to find out any information about it. There are no brand markings on the headstock, no model information. There is a half removed sticker on the back of the neck that says SA25__. I have researched online and threw a few brand names out into the google image search and have come up with Royce. I was going through the interior compontents of the guitar and some cleaning and found some old paperwork taped to the inside that was very brittle and mostly gone, but with Japaneese characters written on it. I am mostly looking for information on the guitar pertaining to age and possible value. I bought it mainly to have an inexpensive hollow body guitar in my collection. i have included a picture from my google search that is a perfect match to the guitar i have at home. Same headstock, pickups and jack placement.
I have one that looks just like it same brown color and everything. Mine actually has Royce on the headstock. I paid 65.00 for mine at a storage auction sale. From the research that I have done I believe that they were made by samick in the 70's. Mine is a nice player. I did change the pups out and put in gibsons to give it a little better tone. I have seen listing for them from a few hundred up to 500.00 on different auction sites
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