what program are you using? How much of this was midi's? The production could use work, but the writing is pretty interesting and unique. I would like to see more building excitement and developing themes, the instruments seemed to come and go too quickly, without ever playing over one another

I took a look at some of your other pieces and was very impressed with them.
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This was all played through virtual instruments using Edoral Orchestra for the orchestral instruments and Omnipshere or the choirs/voices.
The composition could use some structure and refinement. I couldn't really figure out where the piece was going or what exactly you were going for with the song. The transitions between sections were rather jarring and seemed out of place.

I checked out some of your other tracks and they seemed much more cohesive, so I'm not sure if this was a more experimental 'sketchbook' type track or not.

With some work you could definitely tease out some more definitive themes and ideas from this track though.