This is embarrassing... When you show good guitar players your work .

Point of thread first of all (TL;DR): Critique me please. & tell me how to go about making a better solo, playing better.

I've been playing for 2 years exactly, I'm now studying theory on the side, but I rely on my ear to take me places.
Anyways my boy is a producer/rapper/singer and he sent me a sweet beat and wanted me to go over it. He's heard my writtens before, I can write riffs that I feel are sick, and people will hear me playing and think so too! (None of them are guitarists, but it's still a general pop.)

So this beat sounded perfect to solo over before the beat drops, and he starts doing his thing. I improvised over it and came up with something, it's a ROUGH DRAFT but I liked what I came up with, it sounded good in my head at least and I was able to transfer some ideas. It's true what you guys say, if you don't THINK about what you wanna play, it won't come out. But when I do somehow my fingers actually DO go where I want them to.

But it doesn't sound the way I want it to. I feel like I can hear way too much picking, it doesn't sound other recorded solos I hear in terms of clarity. & to make it worse, I have great equipment, so I know it's just me :p.

Recorded using: LTD EC-1000, PodHD500x, Logic Pro X.

(The little mistakes I kept because it's a rough draft, but still critique, tell me how to do things... why it does or doesn't sound good )


^^^ Soundclick ^^^

I'm scared but please, if it sucks, it sucks! I want feedback and help. I barely get a chance to play in front of people so if this is all I can do to get feedback then I'll take it.
Well it started fine but then you went completely out of key, basically take the start and work from there because it got progressively worse as it went along, don't concern yourself with getting every single not from your head onto the guitar, you need to work on where you can play in the key of that song, you weren't in the right key

Hope that helps
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